Stacy Morrison on How You Can Have It All

IMAG0228-1On Monday, in the newly remodeled ASME headquarters in NYC, my class heard from Stacy Morrison—writer, editor, author, and editor-in-chief of  Coming from an alumna of Washington and Lee, her advice struck a chord for me. The passion, energy, and creative energy she radiated allowed for the feeling of possibility to seep in. In Stacy, I saw a person that was unafraid to act on and pursue her ideas; someone who was confident enough to allow her interests to craft an enriching career.

In her conversation with us, Stacy was open to discussing every aspect of her life—a candidness that was refreshing and relatable. She was at once disarmingly humble and utterly sure of her talents and abilities. This engaging combination brought to mind a gap-toothed, scabby-kneed kindergartener endearingly (and honestly) declaring her talents as a speedy runner. Why waste your time demurring when you could have the freedom to let yourself be known?

Yes, freedom. That is what Stacy principally evoked. A freedom to be creative in your approach to life. From her talk, I felt that I could shake off the trappings of tradition in motherhood, love, and career paths. In everything, no matter how seemingly ingrained or out of reach, there was a solution. There was a way to juggle having children and having a fulfilling job. There was a way to write and be creative, to find your voice no matter how damaged or battered you feel from hardships faced. And, finally, there was a way to create a social platform that was as candid as Stacy. A platform that would speak to the modern woman—where real women could connect with each other, and where their voices could be heard. A place like, which receives tens of millions of hits per month.

Stacy’s strength and energy, even in the face of soul-shrinking hardship, are an inspiration. I feel that I spoke to the guru of the working woman; someone who has found a way to flourish creatively, raise a child, and deal with loss. I can say with absolute conviction that Stacy is my new role model.

— Andrea Siso

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