And so it begins…

Although there is a long road ahead of us, the Layout and Design team is excited to announce that we are making progress: Town & Gown has a cover! Featuring an aerial view of Lexington shot by local photographer Bruce Young, we thought this image perfectly encompasses the charming delight of a small college town like Lexington.

Prototype of Town & Gown magazine cover

Prototype of Town & Gown magazine cover

After working on the cover, we began working on layout using Mary Elizabeth Koepele’s story about local woman Pat Mountain, and her love affair with a local museum, the Museum of Military Memorabilia on South Main Street. Describing her and her husband’s relationship since its conception, and how she continues to run the museum to honor her husband, the feature is an endearing story that also highlights the history of Historic Lexington. Below is a rough draft of a possible layout for the feature “Leavings of War” in Town & Gown. 

Possible layout for "Leavings of War' feature story

Possible layout for “Leavings of War’ feature story

Once we receive more of our classmates’ content, as in the feature stories, blurbs, and photos, we will have ourselves a magazine! Stay tuned!

–Maggie Glaze

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